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SAFA Jewellery is one of Kerala’s most trusted jewellers reputed for the remarkable purity and quality of its products. Our style is relentlessly modern, yet intensely respectful of traditions. Every piece of jewellery is meticulously crafted with utmost care ensuring highest quality standards.

We feel it right to respect the traditions of our industry but strive to be unique, current but mostly different. We take pride in making your experience extraordinary. We have a design to suit every mood, budget and occasion. Let us show you a different approach.

brand's history

The rigmarole of SAFA Jewellery started in 1990 with its first showroom in Melattur. From thereon, SAFA Jewellery has been rapidly expanding its stronghold in India and the Middle East. Managed by 7 brothers who are the directors of the chain has firmly established itself as one of Kerala’s most trusted jewelers and is a venture of the KTB group. Today SAFA boasts ultra-modern showrooms across Kerala with the aim of meeting the ever increasing demand for quality Jewellery.

SAFA’s passion of new & exquisite Jewellery designs and goal of providing quality Jewellery crafted to perfection has been behind the creation of SAFA’s Jewel Manufacturing unit. Our Jewels have gained international acceptance because of their hallmark BIS 916 mark, quality and perfection. Is it any wonder that we are obsessed with Purity & Quality when our brand name SAFA is itself synonymous of the word ‘Purity’.

SAFA have since come a long way. It's been 3 decades of an uncompromising journey and Safa jewellery now has its imprints on every aspect of the business from retail and wholesale to manufacturing and education. We have also made a significant entrance established a strong presence in India, UAE, and Saudi Arabia in jewellery, retail, and manufacturing. Safa’s greatest strength has always been our team of passionate and dedicated professionals. They are provided with world–class structural and technical support to explore and perfect their creative, imaginative, and personal skills.

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We bring you a special range of jewellery that suits any of your needs. Explore the latest unique designs of fashion jewelry crafted to perfection.

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managing director's message
K.T.M.A Salam Chairman and Managing director

From a humble beginning with the opening of the first of its many showrooms at Melattur in 1990, SAFA Jewellery has since come a long way. It's been three decades of an uncompromising journey in terms of delivering quality products and customer-friendly services which ultimately transformed the group into the hugely popular brand it's become today.

In wholesale, retail and manufacturing sectors of the jewellery business, Safa group now has an outspread marketing reach and service network in India and in various foreign countries including UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Founded by a group of experts with the vast experience in fields of gem and jewellery designing, manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling, Institute of Gems & Jewellery (IGJ) is by far a legendary initiative taken by Safa group. For its far-reaching impacts and the revolutionary contributions to the gem and jewellery sector, the institute has been declared as a Centre of Excellence (CoE) by Shri Rajiv Pradap Rudy, then Hon. Union Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, government of India.

The designer jewellery called 'Clarus' the tag line of which reads ‘Wedding & Designer Jewellery’, has proved to be another epic story in Safa group's business legacy. With the effective application of cutting edge technology and the brilliant blending of arts and modern designs in its dexterous works, Clarus turned out to be a complete game changer in the designer jewellery sector and it continues to be a forerunner in the arena leading the rest and breaking new paths.

Along with keeping the business side perfectly intact and financially booming, the group management always made sure that the company staffs and the entire Safa team were provided with world-class structural and technical supports to explore and dig out their creative, imaginative, technical and personal skills to the par excellence.

The focus of Safa group has always been, to stay undaunted and uncompromised when it comes to the quality of the products and the easiness of the services with a clean and transparent transactional method.

Safa group is truly committed to continue to deliver the iconic products and top-notch customer services to its loyal and value-oriented customers in the coming years as well. The ever-helping company managers and the incredibly approachable executives and other team members of Safa group who are spread over in as much as about twenty different enterprises throughout India and abroad, will do more than their best to make that promise come true. It's a mission for which we all are equally excited, passionate and caring about.

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