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Jewellery is a decorative item worn for the personal adornment. Jewellery can be made from wide range of materials like gemstone and similar materials such as precious metals like Amber, coral, Beads, and Shells. Enamel is also often used in some jewellery manufacturing. The word jewellery itself is derived from the world jewel which was analysed from the old French “JOUEL”. Now a day people are using jewellery according to their status in the society like Diamonds, Antique, Collections, Traditional collections, Light weight collections, Stones, etc..., We can see that all men women children and older people are using jewelleries. Jewellery plays a greater role in today’s world when compared to the earlier period. We have heard that in ancient time people used to design jewelleries on the costumes (like using button) so as to enable that they are from the royal families

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